Programme of Events

Founded in 1949 by an enthusiastic group of local artists who wanted to develop their knowledge also promote & inspire other’s.

A friendly group with over 80 members, it does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional artist as long as you have an interest in art.

Everyone is welcome to join us at our meetings.
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We meet at Bridlington North Library, Martongate, YO16 6YD
1st Friday each month except August

Start at 7pm until 9pm
Refreshments/Full disabled parking access/Parking
New members welcome 2 x taster nights £5 per night refundable on full membership Annual £25 or joint £35

We also have a Members only Monday workshop which is held at Sewerby Church Hall 7pm to 9pm (contact Barry Hatfield on Tel 01262 609431 for details)

Programme of events


February 4th 
Delia Prudence. Scarborough artist will be showing us how to create a stunning cat’s eye in pastels.
(Delia also is the owner of THE ARTSHOP in Scarborough so may even bring along some items to show us). 

March 4th  
Phil Briggs. Will be showing us how he does his artwork using Watercolours.
“Our latest demonstration was given by Phil Biggs who had travelled all the way from Boston to give us a demonstration in watercolour! There were 25 members attended! A good turnout! Thank you also to Carolyn & David who made our tea break most enjoyable! Phil gave us a fabulous demonstration showing us how he achieved the clean freshness to his work ! He gave us a detailed breakdown on which colours he used & why also where he used them to get the results he requires! Many of our members found it useful to jot down the colours! 

Phil Biggs His work was amazing! Phil is an excellent demonstrator ! Very easy to understand & follow ! We are hoping to have him back for a workshop at a later date ! As Phil had some distance to travel & had been delayed so as not to disappoint our members, they were also given a mini demo on how to do a painting using watercolour with reference of a photo! I used a photo of Tiny Tim a blue tit who flew into our window ! We thought he would make it however when we tried to release him it was clear there was more going on & sadly he didn’t make it ! However he is remembered in a painting now ! 

Jan G Gregory Our next demonstration will be April 1st with a local Artist Andrew Storrie who I am sure many of you will know ! Andrew will be showing us how he does his landscape scenes! In watercolour. – Jan” 

April 1st
Andrew Storrie. Fabulous watercolour artist.

Colour’s used for snow scenery! Cad orange, turquoise, rose, blue & Aldi 27pence salt! Using a well used pallet to make use of every bit of paint!
Andrew also showed us a few tricks of the trade which will make painting more enjoyable! How not to use tape around the edges this prevents cockles! When pre wetting the paper!
He uses the Guess method of adding just the right amount of top quality salt in an North east direction keeping it flat! 
Andrew said if you need a snow storm you would be as well to put it upright!
This allows the salt to do the snow storm magic! 
To put trees in use the orange then use remaining blue on the trees main stems remember trees are not brown.
Go back in with the gumbold to enhance the shrubs!
Or others colour’s! 
Andrew was brilliant at doing work on three different ones at the same time!
What a fabulous idea as it allows you to let one dry which is so important with watercolour! Brush used inch & half! Flat brush! Andrew also uses rigger brushes too, for more of his detail work which he tries to keep to a minimum!
The brick work was delicately done using small part of the brush to create the stone effect! 
The salt effect on the snow scene came out really impressive the sheep really made this painting come to life!
Using very little colour to add the shapes & shadows! 
Andrew using his brush removed area’s of paint to draw roof tops hill tops covered in snow out giving a real winter effect! 
The three paintings were done as Andrew said by about 80% within just under 2 hours the whole evening was totally amazing very informative & entertaining with Andrew’s sense of humour which made for an enjoyable evening!
There were 25 members attending which was a good turn out ! Thank you all for attending! 
Big Thank you to Andrew & The rest of the committee who helped make this evening a great success! 
Hope you Enjoy our next twelve months which is on our program for 2022/23 Membership can be paid at our monthly meeting!
Our AGM which is our next meeting Or if you pop to the Sewerby church Hall between 7-9 pm Monday evenings when Jan can take your completed membership application & money!

May 6th 
A G M your chance to have a say! Nominate committee members or even put yourself forward, find out what is in store for your society, also a chance to pay memberships for another year.

June 10th (Friday)
Mark Warner Demo a well respected artist & highly professional tutor. Exciting & vibrant watercolourist.

June 11th (Saturday)
Mark Warner WORKSHOP 10am till 4pm £20 members £30non members £10 refundable on joining membership. Limited 15 places. This will be a really good one.

July 1st (Friday)
Anthony Barrow. An exciting Acrylic artist who will be Anthony Barrow Demo an exciting acrylic artist who has a very relaxed way of working.

July 2nd (Saturday)
Anthony Barrow WORKSHOP using Acrylics £20 non members £30 Limited 15 places. Don’t miss out!

August 5th 
Sketch evening on our beautiful harbour Gansy girl to boats etc. Prize money up for grabs! Chance to have a social drink afterwards.

September 2nd (Friday)
Paul Talbot Greaves. How to create vibrancy in your paintings. Paul is an experienced demonstrator and excellent tutor. He will also be running a workshop the following day. One not to miss.

September 3rd (Saturday)
Paul Talbot Greaves WORKSHOP 10am till 4pm this will sell out quick so get in there fast ! 15 places only.

October 7th
YES! Heather Burton a beautiful portrait artist who works in a very up to the minute style.

November 4th
sketch & paint challenge night prize money for the 1st 2nd 3rd choice on the night. Always a fun night interactive.

December 2nd (Friday)
Peter Woods using Pastels scene to be arranged.

December 3rd (Saturday)
Peter Woods WORKSHOP using a really interesting medium using Pastels in Peter’s way. This is always a workshop which really helps to develop skills , Peter takes you step by step through how to use them. Limited 15 places first come first served


January 6th

Robert Dutton an amazing artist who is so talented at using mixed medium watercolour & pastels. A really great tutor.

February 3rd

Sketch life drawing , using a life model this was a fun evening the last time we did this so a good one not to miss prize money awarded to top three artist’s on the evening.

March 3rd

WORKSHOP Robert Dutton using mixed medium to create amazing paintings which are vibrant luminated & exciting. Using photos. Limited spaces so book fast.

April 7th

Demo Phil Biggs loose watercolours in a speedy way which is just so effective.

April 8th

WORKSHOP Phil Biggs where Phil will take us through which colours work to ensure you get the best from your colour pallet, once again workshops get booked up so do not miss out!
All workshops are subsidised in memory of Brian Hill who funded this Academy. Brian was very keen to always support art in our society.



Every Sunday ~ May to September

Contact: Pip Tomlinson 07729 189028

6 paintings per person ! unless by arrangement ! stewarding is a must , this is arranged on set up normally 1-2 hours collection of artworks by 4pm or again weather permitting may be earlier.


Entry forms in TBC

Contact: Carolynn Warley Tel. 01262 608723


Will be held on 31st July until 13th August 2022

Paintings £4 each entrySunday 31st hand in at 10am -11

Entry forms in by

or Email Jan Gregory

with the following details !

Maximum entry of up to 3 paintings £4 each entry.

Sculptures will only be on display for the preview evening for judging only as there is no floor standing items allowed in the room for health & safety.

Due to this we will not have a charge for sculptures to be entered, however they will be a limit of 3 person.

All sculptures must therefore be removed at the end of the preview night!

A photo of your sculpture can also be submitted to leave behind to be displayed along with artworks !

Artist Name ………………………………………………..

Name of work …………………………………………………

Medium used …………………………………………………

Price ………………………………………

* not for sale please state!

Contact: Jan Gregory email


2023 January      Visit to Ferens Art Gallery

August 2022        Drawing and sketching evening

XX and XX           Meal and Socials


Chairperson                                   Jan Gregory    

Tel 07734 602152


Tel 07734 602152

Treasurer                                     Phil O’Reardon                     

Tel 01262 40553

Membership Enquiries                   Elizabeth Brown                  

Tel 07966 968007